Coming soon

Hi all,

I have a little extra time on my hands for the next few months, which means this wasn’t only the ideal time to start blogging but also that I should be able to post relatively frequently for a while. That said, I’m getting ready to disappear on a rafting trip for a week. If you discover this space while I’m gone and are wondering whether or not it’s worth coming back here are some topics I’m planning to write about in the next few months.

  • The correct way of getting Oracle Instant Client for work with SSRS / SSIS. Google search may be leading you astray.
  • For the DBAs : The potential of Entity Framework. Why I really wish I could love EF.
  • For the developers : The failure of Entity Framework to live up to its potential. Why EF may be causing your DBA to drink in the morning.
  • The ascending key problem. Why did performance suddenly get inconsistent shortly after we deployed?
  • CRUD squared. When stored procedures go awry (AKA Rick loses some friends part 1).
  • That time I turned on RCSI for the sole purpose of getting the developers to stop using nolock. Wasn’t that awesome? Or was it more of an evil waste of resources? (AKA Rick loses some friends part 2)
  • Social capital at the office. How to get the mean kids to realize how brilliant you are and start listening to you.
  • The limitations of self learning from the internet. Why I frequently pay out of my own pocket to go to conferences.

But more importantly, feel free to contact me to ask questions or even just suggest that I cover a particular topic. This request may be more relevant in the future because you probably can’t tell from a single blog post how valuable my opinion is, but ultimately I do this because I love talking about SQL Server. If nobody is reading this then I’m just talking to myself which I have been known to do that on occasion, but I would much rather talk to somebody else. The more I know about what issues you would most like my warped perspective on, the more productive that conversation can be.


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